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How to confirm file existence?

Question asked by tps1 on Feb 27, 2009
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How to confirm file existence?


I have a database in which each record contains a Container field. I want to insert a file into the Container based on a name I assemble from another field (e.g., if the field contents are "abc", I want to insert "filewin://path/folder/") I can't use Insert File (as far as I know) since it doesn't seem to allow me to specify a variable or field as the name of the file to insert.


Set Field does allow me to do this. However, it doesn't seem to give an error when the desired file doesn't exist, even when I try to capture an error with Get (LastError). How can I tell whether the file was actually found and copied into the container?


Also, is only a reference copied, or the file itself? (Insert File gives the option, but Set Field doesn't.)

I'm using FM Pro Advanced 8.5 to write this script.