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How to Consolidate Container Data?

Question asked by MichaelHart on Feb 18, 2015
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How to Consolidate Container Data?


I have a standalone FM13Adv-0v5 DB with container fields containing images (jpegs) that are residing in multple locations on my hard drive. I want to consolidate those multiple locations into one (external) location. I tried to accomplish this via the Manage Containers dialogue and transfer the image files to the new folder which I created and referenced in the Manage-Container dialogue. 

After FM goes through the procedure, I am left with a DB bereft of images replaced by a reference-graphic showing the name of the image file only but no image. It appears all the images have been transferred to the new folder but are now corrupt and cannot be read by FM or Photoshop.

What did I do wrong? What is the best way to consolidate external image files into one location?