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    How To Control Field BEhaviour By A Script



      How To Control Field BEhaviour By A Script



           I am trying to Add an EDIT button to allow user to write or modify the fields that are restricted through the Behavior Field  in the inspector.Is their any way that i can do that through scripts?

           Its a very essential requirement of my system.Please do provide will possible solutions.




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          1.           You could have two layouts that are duplicates of each other except that field access is prohibited in one and not the other. The button could change layouts.
          3.           But you can also use Manage | Security to control a user's ability to modify data in a record on a record by record basis.
          5.           And you can put one set of locked fields in one invisible tab control and an identical set of fields but unlocked in another. The button can use Go to Object to bring up the other tab panel to either lock or unlock the fields. (To use go to object to select a tab control, you have to select each tab panel in layout mode and use the Name box in the Inspector to give each an object name.)
          7.           In FileMaker 13 you can place two copies of each field on top of each other and use the Hide When property to control which set of fields are visible and accessible.