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    How to copy and past an entire tab?



      How to copy and past an entire tab?


           This may be a simple matter but I can't seem to figure out how to best go about this. I'm creating a database of students. Each student has their own individual page designed with the use of tabs. Because some of our students will be related and have the same address information, I need to be able to copy all the fields in the address tab section and paste the contents of that tab into the identical tab in the brother or sister's file. 

           I know I can copy and paste field contents individually, but that would take way too much time. Is there any way to copy and paste an entire tab??

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               If this is something you need to do often, then you can script this.  If its occasionally, then you may have to do a little double entry.

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                 What you describe suggests that you have not set up the best set of tables and relationships. In stead of copy and pasting such data--such as the student's home address, you should store that data in a different table and link both student records to it.

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                   Well, I’m just learning Filemaker so this may be a bit of naiveté on my part, but I’m not sure setting up relationships and linking is going to give me the results I’m looking for. I think I probably need some sort of script. Cause not every student is going to have duplicate tab data, but enough will that I’ll need to have a quick way of duplicating it.

                   I know that each student will have a unique ID number. Is there a way that I could perhaps create a button function within my tab to copy/insert info from tab A of student number 1 into that same tab A of student number 6? I think that’s really what I’m looking for. 

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                     I suggest that you set up a related table and this should not necessarily require a script to do so.

                     Consider: "Jim Smith" and "Sally Jones" are both members of the same household and thus have the same home address. They then move to a new address. If you have entered separate address info for both "Jim" and "Sally", you'll have to find both records and identically update both with the same info. If you have linked both student records to the same address, you make that same change once to achieve the same result.

                     This is the basic reason for using a relational database in the first place.


                     Students::_fkHouseholdID = Households::__pkHouseholdID

                     For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained