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How to copy field contents from one table to another ..HELP!!

Question asked by mdsk813 on Sep 10, 2009
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How to copy field contents from one table to another ..HELP!!


I am creating a database for an architectural firm who does Plan Check reviews.

We basically Have these fields:


Unique to database (Type in Once) Same Data to appear on every table:


Project Name

Project Number

Review Type



Unique to Table


Sheet Number (list value input before start of project)

Comment Type (Standard list created for all projects)

Comment Number

Reviewer's Comment





I want to type in the Project name, Project #, Type of review, and date one time and have it appear on all tables in the header under the fields.


Ive tried Lookup value, calculated value, the ID FK parent relationship, portal... nothing is working...


I have to give a preview presentation to the company on September 16 and i want this thing to work.


THey could hire a FMP expert but they charge like $250 and hour and $$ thousands for a project. We are a small firm and we are trying to leave the hand written comments in the past and have this database launch our company into the new era of technology and advancment.


Please help!





Database (Project) ex. Nasa- New Electrical Substation

Tables (Disciplines within Project) Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

Layouts (Graphical interface for architects to input comments)

Fields (All listed above in bold)

Records (Comments made on report)


I am trying to get the Project name which does not change and is unique to the database to appear on every discpiline in the header in the field named Project Name..duh ha! PLease let me know if any one out there can help..



Matt D.