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    How to copy field names?



      How to copy field names?


           I am new in using Filemaker Pro and my question seems to be answered easily but not for me :-)

           I have a table about Countries with several information about them. I would like to create another table with the same field names but only want to copy the content of Country field.Other fields would have the same name but the information not (it would contain the timestamps of modification of each record in the original table).

           So how can I create this second table with the same country names but at other fields only the title would be the same?

           Thanks in advance. Eva


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               If you have FileMaker advanced, you can copy and paste the table to make a duplicate table on the Tables tab inside Manage | Database. You can then delete unused fields and alter field types from their original to the timestamp data types on the fields tab.

               If you do not have FileMaker Advanced, you can use Import Records with the New Table option for your target table to duplicate the table. This also imports data so you may want to delete records from this new table after the import.