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How to copy one record to a globals copy for editing?

Question asked by dataWolf on Aug 24, 2010
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How to copy one record to a globals copy for editing?


Got a bunch of users who may need to edit contact information. Client wants them to have to confirm any changes (and make it difficult to accidentally delete data). So I have made a copy of the table but as globals, and my plan is to copy the data to the globals for editing, then they have to confirm the changes, then I copy the data back. So I'd like to copy one record without losing their place in the found set. I tried: new window, show all records, omit current record, show only ommitted records, then new window, switch to globals layout, then import, hoping to grab one record but it is trying to grab all records. I don't want to export a swap file to local computers. Any suggestions how to do this?

I suggested we use a script trigger upon entering or exiting a field but that would be annoying for editing address with multiple fields. Also there is the problem without confirming each field if they decided not to complete the change then the original data would be lost?

Alternate suggestions welcome.