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how to count each value in the value list

Question asked by AnastasiaPetukhova on Nov 24, 2011
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how to count each value in the value list




I have a problem.

I have a list of products (from a specific brand), each with a category (dropdown value list). The products also have status, such as "sold," "available," and others. Each product is unique and has a fixed quantity of 1.

I need to count the number of unsold products in each category (I have 4 values in that dropdown) for specific brand.

So it will look like this:

Brand: Sony

TVs (unsold): # - how to calculate?

DVD players (unsold): # - how to calculate?

and so on..


Can you please help me with this? All the calculations I tried so far don't work. This is needed in the form layout, not as a report.