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how to count the numbers for "group by"

Question asked by wisdomz on Apr 4, 2012
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how to count the numbers for "group by"



I have a POS list as follows:

Customer     product    ship_month   qty       amt

Cust_A         Product_A      1              50         100

Cust_A         Product_A       1              100       200

Cust_B         Product_A        1              50        80


my question is , how to konw how many customers buy the Product_A monthly. for examples, I get the report

Product        Cust_CNT        month       Qty_total       amt_total

ProductA           2                      1          200                    380

I use the summary based count, it get the "3", it is not correct numbers.  how to count the number group by customer.

thank you