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How to create a 'Home' layout - need help please

Question asked by jackmac on Nov 1, 2011
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How to create a 'Home' layout - need help please


Hi all,

I've been a database admin for years so am familiar with terminology etc. in the background but am getting to grips with the 'pretty part'.

I have a database which handles accounts, customer info, documents etc but I want to build a nice 'front end' that when you open the file it gives you a choice - push a button for Accounts, a different button for Customers etc. you get the idea.

When I try to create a new layout it asks which table I want to connect it to. In this case there is no table as it is merely a front end. Do I need to create a fictitious table purely so I can insert buttons on the resulting layout?

All help is much appreciated!


Jack Mac