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    How to create a 'Home' layout - need help please



      How to create a 'Home' layout - need help please


      Hi all,

      I've been a database admin for years so am familiar with terminology etc. in the background but am getting to grips with the 'pretty part'.

      I have a database which handles accounts, customer info, documents etc but I want to build a nice 'front end' that when you open the file it gives you a choice - push a button for Accounts, a different button for Customers etc. you get the idea.

      When I try to create a new layout it asks which table I want to connect it to. In this case there is no table as it is merely a front end. Do I need to create a fictitious table purely so I can insert buttons on the resulting layout?

      All help is much appreciated!


      Jack Mac

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          You have two choices, you can create an extra, no records table or you can refer to one of your existing tables. In terms of what the user sees, it makes no difference if all you have on your layout are buttons and global fields. The only difference is what might happen if your user presses a keyboard shortcut for delete record or duplicate record...