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    how to create a button to open an external pdf



      how to create a button to open an external pdf


           I am a novice FileMaker user. I am making a membership database and I want to save members' historical data as pdf's.

           How can I create a button in Filemaker that will open the member's pdf history? Each member has a unique member number I planned to use as the name of the pdf. I plan to store the pdf's in the same directory as the Filemaker database. The data is for my use only and will be kept on my laptop (Mac).


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               I am running MacOS 10.7.5 and FMP12v2.

               I normally don't  try to change your subject question but I am unclear on why you want to open the PDF file.

               It appears you want to use the PDF as a Historic file of Membership information.

          If this is True...

               Then simply save a new PDF files with the Updated Membership info and use the Same file name in the same Directory and Mac will replace old PDF file.

               PDF files can be viewed [and rough printed] from container fields in FMP, but the information inside a PDF cannot be edited in FMP.

               A PDF file created by FMP is not changeable after the conversion to PDF by FMP.  It can be replaced as i said above.

               Mac does have a PDF reader licensed by Adobe called Preview.   You can open Preview and use the PDF file there, or Adobe reader.


               Remember that FMP is named File Maker for a reason.  It stores the Membership information in Records and is "simulating" a file folder/file cabinet system [plus much more since its conception 12 changes back in years].  Then you can create a near paperless file and data manipulations program using FMP.

               I use PDF's in FMP to...

               1) Store external generated PDF files for historical and reference purpose.

               2) Generate custom internal office forms in PDF format to email, print, save for [unchangeable] legal reasons.

               3) Store embedded PDF's in FMP for visual quick reference in FMP 11 and earlier versions or as an external File reference in FMP12.

               I only "open" a PDF using Preview or Adobe to print a crisp printed copy or group a series of PDF to bundle them from several PDF's referenced in FMP.


               To program a button to "open" an external PDF file, I would need to know how the PDF file is referenced or stored in you FMP database.


               PS: what is your MacOS and FMP version?


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                 Where did this PDF file come from? If this is data originally stored in your database, why save it as a PDF?