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how to create a chooseable listing of the contents of a calc field?

Question asked by vlight on Jul 10, 2013
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how to create a chooseable listing of the contents of a calc field?


     (FM11 on Mac)

     I have an EventName field and an EventYear field, and a calculation field that brings the two together (EventNameYear_calc) to make a valid Event to apply various attributes to, including assigning a particular person's name as a participant.  

     When the user is ready to do a list report (looking for either a particular EventNameYear_calc, to see who all attended --  OR looking for a particular person, to see all the EventNameYear_calcs they attended), I would like to have a field (up in the header) where they can select -- while in Browse mode, preferably -- from a dropdown list field listing all the valid EventNameYears, or from a second dropdown list field showing a listing of all the people.  Once they make their choice in one of those two "list" fields, they then would hit a "Find" button next to it (to execute a find for that one EventNameYear or for that one person).

     I can't figure out how to get a list of all the current values for EventNameYear_calc (or the similar FullName_calc, for the person's First & last name) in a form that will allow the user to CHOOSE from it.  Right now, it's giving me the dialog: " This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable. " since it's a calc field.  So, how do i get a chooseable listing of the full contents of a calc field?