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    How to create a custom function.



      How to create a custom function.


      I read in "File Maker Pro, the Missing Manual" that I need to have File Maker Pro Advanced in order to create a custom function.  I am in the process of converting an MSAccess97 data base to File Maker and anticipate that I will need to create a dozen or more complicated functions.  I have been doing this with ease for over 10 years in MSAccess and am now concerned that I will have to spend a couple of hundred dollars to do the same in FM.  Am I correct?  Is there a work around for this situation?  I certainly hope so.

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          Filemaker Advanced also offers several other added features such as a script debugger (fairly similar to the one found in access) that makes it well worth the extra dollars.

          If you don't have advanced, you have the following options:

          1. Get someone else to use their copy of FileMaker Advanced to create the custom functions and add them to your files.
          2. Use field calculations in place of the custom functions. Once you've developed a calculation field that works,  you can copy and paste the field's calculation expression from one table to a field  in another if you need to. Such calculation fields can be recursive.
          3. Write a script that performs the calculation with the needed values passed to it in a list of values as the script parameter. Use script triggers to call this script to compute values as needed.
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            I am using option #3 from your answer and that works OK.  Thanks