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How to Create a Layout Pop-up

Question asked by alc on Dec 18, 2010
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How to Create a Layout Pop-up & other Status Bar items.


One thing I REALLY don't like in FMP11   is removal of the old style (left side) status bar. (This may have changed in v10 which I never used)

The new one is forcing me to change Hundreds of layouts (and go to layout scripts) so I'm looking for ways to recreate parts of that status bar. the new Style adds way too much vertical space. Weird choice since screens have grown wider proportionally.

Any way... I hoping to find a way to use some combo of fields scripts to replace the following:

1. Layouts (it's easy enough to get info via "LayoutNames") but how does one convert this to a pop-up field. (I've got a pretty funky method involving using the LayoutNames List  as a PopUp Value List in  a global field ) but naturally that won't hide desired layouts, and surely there's a better way. (that will ideally work in FM Go)

2. QuickFind

3. Saved Finds. (again would need to be a global pop-up)

Am I missing something Obvious?