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How to Create a Lookup Table??

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Dec 14, 2011
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How to Create a Lookup Table??


I am incredibly green when it comes to FileMaker, so please bear with me.  I am working on a database application in FileMaker that will be used on the iPad.  That is just a side issue.  What I am looking to have is a list of names in one area of my layout where users can select that name, then, in another area of the layout information about that selected individual will show.

For example, I would be showing a list of 100 people (Last Name, First Name) in some form of lookup table.  When the user selects Doe, John - the layout updates with a photo of John Doe, his address, phone, email, etc...  I have looked at portals, but they seem to go the opposite way.  They seem to show detail related to a selected record.  In my case, I need to show the list of names from which the user can select to then show detail elsewhere in the layout.

For my design, I don't want to have a drop down box or something like that.  I want the names showing in a visible list where the user (on the iPad) can simply tap the name and magically the photo, phone, etc.  show in another area of the layout.

Does this make sense?  Any ideas and help will be appreciated.  Sorry if this is very basic.  Thanks in advance.