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    How to create a quiz on FM pro 12



      How to create a quiz on FM pro 12



           I'm very new to FileMaker, so apologies for silly questions.

           I'm trying to create a multiple choice quiz so multiple users can take it. I am not sure if my tables are even correct, but here's what I have in the following format:

           Table (Fields1, Field2, ...)

           QuestionBank (QuestionID, QuestionText, CorrectAnswer)

           AnswerChoices(ChoiceID, QuestionID(fk), ChoiceText, ChoiceLetter) where ChoiceText is one of many answers to a specific question and ChoiceLetter is A, B, C, etc

           Users(UserID, Username) - not worried about password just yet. I haven't gotten that far...

           UserAnswers(UserID, QuestionID, UserChoiceLetter, AnswerTime(timestamp))

           I filled the tables with some dummy data. Then I created a layout.

           I'm attaching first the relationships as well as the layout that I've created. Then I'll make another post and attach the other screenshots to show what's happening.


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               You need another relationship line linking USerAnswers to QuestionBank by QuestionID.

               A quiz will need the same structure as a questionaire or a survey as the only difference is that survey's don't have correct and incorrect responses. See this thread on survey's to get some additional guidance on how to design your system: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.

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                 In addition to the above, I'm attaching another screenshot to explain what I did and how it didn't work:

                 So created a layout, inserted the QuestionText field to display the question and below inserted ChoiceText field and then went into Inspector's Data tab and used Radio button set and grabbed values from a Value List that I created using ChoiceText from the AnswerChoices table.

                 So it displays the question and all the answers, however the radio button shows as selected rather than empty. I think I know why it does that: that's how it's defined on the table. However the right answer is not even selected as you'll see (The correct answer is Nothing to Lose). So when I click on Nothing to Lose, Patriot Games (initially selected) disappears. Not only it disappears, that field is overwritten with Nothing to Lose.

                 So question is, how do I make it so that it allows users to enter their choices, rather than displaying some random one and how do I make it so that newly selected option does not overwrite the one that's just been clicked on.

                 I hope I explained it well... 


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                   Sounds like your radio button formatted field is doing exactly what you designed it to do, just not what you want it to do.

                   Clicking a radio button will "overwrite the existing data" in the field, that's what it is supposed to do. Each response should be recorded in a separate record for each combination of question and quiz taker.

                   Sounds like you are using the wrong field or the wrong relationship here.