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How to create a quiz on FM pro 12

Question asked by TinyThorn on May 24, 2013
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How to create a quiz on FM pro 12



     I'm very new to FileMaker, so apologies for silly questions.

     I'm trying to create a multiple choice quiz so multiple users can take it. I am not sure if my tables are even correct, but here's what I have in the following format:

     Table (Fields1, Field2, ...)

     QuestionBank (QuestionID, QuestionText, CorrectAnswer)

     AnswerChoices(ChoiceID, QuestionID(fk), ChoiceText, ChoiceLetter) where ChoiceText is one of many answers to a specific question and ChoiceLetter is A, B, C, etc

     Users(UserID, Username) - not worried about password just yet. I haven't gotten that far...

     UserAnswers(UserID, QuestionID, UserChoiceLetter, AnswerTime(timestamp))

     I filled the tables with some dummy data. Then I created a layout.

     I'm attaching first the relationships as well as the layout that I've created. Then I'll make another post and attach the other screenshots to show what's happening.