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How to Create a Relevant Datasheet

Question asked by SharonSickler on May 12, 2011
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How to Create a Relevant Datasheet



I'm using FMP 11 for Windows, and I have a database that stores information about customer equipment that we service (make, model, serial, etc.). Each unit (A/C, Water Heater, Air Handler, etc.) has it's own tab with the same type of fields.  I want to create a layout that shows all the applicable equipment info for the customer.  So for example, John Smith has an A/C unit of Make X, Model Y, and an Air Handler of Make A, Model B, but he doesn't have a Water Heater.  I want to be able to print a datasheet for John Smith that shows the info for the units he has, but doesn't show all the blank fields for those he doesn't.