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how to create a subcategory in fmp 9? please help

Question asked by clement on Jun 24, 2010
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how to create a subcategory in fmp 9? please help




Firstly I apologize in advance as I'm pretty sure this question has already been asked a few times on this forum. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any answer.


Well, I am using FMP 9 on Mac (Leopard). I have to manage a database which I didn't create originally and I have been asked to add categories. I try for weeks now but I cannot find how to do. It's embarrassing as I'm sure it's pretty basic but please, could anyone here help me?


For instance, we have a "Members" category that I would like to modify. Depending on where do the members come from I would like to list them in subcategories such as "US Members", "Europe Members", "Asia Members", etc...and just have to check or uncheck a box to list or unlist them.


I am only beginning with this program and even if I must say it's really helpful, it gives me a hard time.


Many thanks in advance for your help and a very good end of the week to all of you.