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How to create a value list with values from multiple fields?

Question asked by frankman on Jan 14, 2010
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How to create a value list with values from multiple fields?


I've searched the forum and google and couldn't find anything on this, so posting to this forum for the first time.


Background: FileMaker Pro 10.0.3 client and server on Mac OS X 10.5.8, also client and server, respectively.


I'm trying to create a value list for a field, called "preferred_contact_number", which dynamically gets its values from 6 other phone number fields, such as:








The 6 other phone fields only have 1 record per person. I'm trying to allow the user to be able to select one value from those phone fields to be the value in the "preferred_contact_number" field.


The value list needs to be dynamic (ie. updated automatically when the phone fields change, which is frequent enough especially with the work numbers).


I've tried a lot of ways, but so far, I can only get values for the value list from 1 or 2 fields at most.


Any idea on how to do this?


Edit: Although I have taken Oracle and MS SQL Server courses, I'm a new user to FileMaker and may need some step-by-step. Some concepts still puzzle me in FileMaker, especially the relationships (in File -> Manage -> Database -> Relationships). Probably because the architecture and terminologies seem to differ.)