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how to create layout and relationship like this?

Question asked by kll3113 on May 2, 2014
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how to create layout and relationship like this?


     Hello Everyone, 

     i am new to FileMaker Pro and starting reading FileMaker training basic and FileMaker pro 12: missing manual 

     i am using FileMaker Pro 13 and  want to have a database like below described:

     starting from scratch, i am having 5 layouts: customers, product, PO, delivery note, invoice. attached is my relationship graphs for your ref. 

     i know how to put the relationship between customers, PO & product so that when i am in PO layout, i am able  to add line items into what each customers buy. 

     however, when i come to delivery note layout, there is a problem:

     i want to make the delivery note to include several POs as desired, and each POs have their line items and customers details

     i can only set the delivery note to include only 1 PO with, says 4 line items(showing also the corresponding customers details ), but how can i set the relationship to achieve?

     same case to invoice layout, i want to include several desired delivery note, with several POs and their specific details 

     i've searched for some other forum and they ask me to do the sort of line items to get the summary but this can't help since i want to input the desired POs into the delivery note

     thanks for reading this! and your discussion with this would be grateful for me 

     Ricky Chan