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    How to create records in one table using another?



      How to create records in one table using another?


           I am writing an application for a Job Bank.
           I have the following tables:
           Jobseeker        PKContactID
           Jobseeker Skills    FKContactID and FKSkillID
           Open Jobs        PKJobID
           Open Jobs Skills Needed    PKJobID and FKSkillID
           Referrals (A list of Jobseekers with matching skills

           for a Job)

           I have the relations set up so that when I display a
           specific Open Job, there are two portals, once which
           shows the related Open Jobs Skills Needed, and the
           other Jobseekers with skills that match.

           I can then flag specific Jobseekers with the job

           Problem: I then want to create Referral records for

           each Jobseeker/Job combination.
           I am assuming a button on the Job layout which will
           run a script to create these records: this would be
           used immediately after selecting specific Jobseekers:

           there would be records created only for the Jobseekers
           that are selected for one single job.

           I do not see how I will access the Jobseeker records
           that have been flagged and create a Referral record
           for each one.

           If I Find matching records in a Jobseeker layout, the
           add a record to referrals, then the focus is now on a
           Referral record and I have lost the ability to cycle
           thru the Jobseeker records.

           I hope this is clear...

           Thanks for any thoughts.


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               Think of variables as "buckets". Your script can load one or more "buckets" with data from your current record on your current layout and then can change to a different layout, create a new records and dump the data from the buckets into corresponding fields in the newly created record.

               The basic code looks something like this:

               Set Variable [$ID ; YourTable::PrimaryKey ]
               go to Layout [RelatedTableLayout]
               New Record/Request
               Set Field [YourRelatedTable::ForeignKey ; $ID]
               Go to Layout [original layout]

               You can use as many pairs of set variable/set field as you need for moving data from the first table to a new record in the second, but once you have created a new record and set the foreign key field, you may also have established a relationship link back to the current record of the original table, so you often do not need to use more variables.