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How to create something like a SQL-view in FM 11?

Question asked by Heribert on Mar 30, 2010
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How to create something like a SQL-view in FM 11?




I'm new to Filemaker and just testing FM 11 since yesterday. ;-)


My background are all kind of relational databases like Oracle, SQLServer ... and the appropriate tools.


FM is doing well so far, except for some glitches that can be ignored for now...


But i really have a problem that i  need to get solved...


I have a table Tabelle(Datum date, Flag int, Wert1 int, Wert2 int)

Now, what i need to do is to get the average of Wert1 and Wert2 at each date and flag.

In SQL, all i would need to do is to create a View from the following SELECT Statement


select Datum, Flag, avg(Wert1),avg(Wert2) from tabelle

group by Datum, flag

order by Datum, Flag


and select/display my data from this view.


And now i'm stuck. ;-)))

How can i accomplish something like this in FM?


Thank you very much for your help!!!!