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How to cycle through assignments

Question asked by dwshore on Feb 24, 2014
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How to cycle through assignments


     I'm putting together a system meant to assign "events" to people, based on what they are allowed to cover. The simplest piece of this, is for every week of the year, there is one "supervisor" assigned. There are a total of 5 supervisors that cycle through the assignments. Right now I have the following tables (based on the relevance to this part of the larger project);


     Each record represents an employee, with fields for each assignment they are eligible for; Supervisor, GB, PSI, etc. (For the purposes of this question, I want to focus on the Supervisors and will deal with the other assignments later) and their unique ID Number.

     Work Week:

     Each record represents 1 week in the year, with fields for Week, Year, WeekYear (because this will be used for multiple years), and Supervisor


     I have an idea of how to script a simple loop series to insert different text into each Work Week record with a combination of variables. The script starts by doing a search for all the employees that have a 1/Yes for Supervisor. (Because this list may change on occasion). Ideally I want to take the results of this search, put them in a list somewhere that I can extract 1 at a time from. If I can script the entry of a new name to a repetition of a field somewhere, I can work out the rest from there. But right now I don't know how to get my 5 ID Numbers into a repeating field without exporting to another file and reworking things from there. 

     This is just the first stage of a much larger, more complicated assignment system I'm putting together that will take other variables into account, so if there's a way to do this without exporting, that would be ideal.