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How to delete a range of files at the same time?

Question asked by KrisDoan on Nov 5, 2010
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How to delete a range of files at the same time?


Hey there!  I'm trying to clean up a database that I didn't create...and it's been forever since I've really used Filemaker Pro.  The person that created my database listed customers by individual contact names. We might have 10 entries/records for 1 company.....and I'm trying to clean up the files so that there is one record for each company with multiple individuals for contacts.

Does anyone have a recommendation for how I can search and delete multiple files at the same time?  I'd ultimately like to provide a range...based on our record number....and then omit the files in one batch.

Any guidance you can provide...or suggestions for an easier way to handle this would be greatly appreciated!  I have 6,000 files that need some work! =D

Thanks, Kris