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    How to delete a range of files at the same time?



      How to delete a range of files at the same time?


      Hey there!  I'm trying to clean up a database that I didn't create...and it's been forever since I've really used Filemaker Pro.  The person that created my database listed customers by individual contact names. We might have 10 entries/records for 1 company.....and I'm trying to clean up the files so that there is one record for each company with multiple individuals for contacts.

      Does anyone have a recommendation for how I can search and delete multiple files at the same time?  I'd ultimately like to provide a range...based on our record number....and then omit the files in one batch.

      Any guidance you can provide...or suggestions for an easier way to handle this would be greatly appreciated!  I have 6,000 files that need some work! =D

      Thanks, Kris


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          I believe you want to search and delete multiple records--not files here. Wink

          This can be simple or easy depending on how messy your data is.

          If you perform a find and put ! in a single name field ( you may need to define a calculation field with FirstName & " " & lastName so you can do this on just one field.)

          Then sort your records by this field. You'll get all records with duplicate names, with the duplicate values clustered in groups. You can then add a field such as a single value check box field to these records so that you can read through your duplicate records and click the check box of all records you intend to delete. It's a lot of work, but given the possible inconsistencies in data and the fact that two people may have the same name, you'll likely need a human brain involved in deciding which records to keep.

          After you've marked all the records you want deleted by clicking that check box field, perform a find for all records where this field is checked and use Delete Found Set from the records menu to delete them all.

          Before performing such a delete, check your relationships for any possible cascading deletes that may delete records in related tables that you don't want deleted. You should back up your files to protect against mistakes before deleting any records.