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How to delete join table records only?

Question asked by pbedouk on Jun 11, 2013
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How to delete join table records only?



     I have this relationship set up:  distributors ---< join table >----- products

     The join table has data fields related to the unique distributor-product pair ( such as product cost, which varies from distributor to distributor).

     I need to be able to remove a product from the distributor without deleting the product record itself, only the connection between them, ie the join table record (I think).  It says 'we no longer buy this product from this distributor', and implies that we do buy the same product from other distributors.

     I have a layout based on the distributors table which has a portal to the products table (not the join table).   I'd like to remove the join table record via a button on the portal row.  Is this possible?  How?

     If not, how would I do it another way?