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How to design this situation in FMP?

Question asked by mattb on Dec 3, 2009
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How to design this situation in FMP?


[I originally (and accidentally) posted this message in the Report a Bug board - now reposting here] 


Yes, it's me again - the Visual Foxpro programmer trying to duplicate existing functionality in FMP for our Mac OSX version of a commercial app.


Here's the situation:


In my VFP program I have a screen with a popup that has 13 items in it and listbox immediately below that contains up to 25 items in it.

In the VFP program, selecting one of the 13 items in the popup populates the listbox below with different data.


I know that FMP doesn't have listboxes, but for my purposes in FMP, I'm using a grouped set of buttons.  I'm not using a portal here because the

info in the listbox/button group doesn't come from a table.  My line of thinking was to make up 13 button groups, each with its own unique data

and place them all in the exact same spot on the layout.  Then when the user makes a choice in the popup, the appropriate button group will

show up.


In VFP, the programmer has the option of placing objects on a form (layout) and designating them as visible or invisible.  Then when an action

is taken, the Visible property for an object is programmatically set to either True or False.  Easy.  However, I see that FMP has no ability to make

objects on a layout visible or invisible through any code.  I thought maybe FMP could programatically "send to front" the proper button set, but

I see no way of doing this either.  I then thought I could use the Go To Object script step to accomplish this after naming each button set with

an object name, but it doesn't appear that this script step will bring the active object to the front when they are all placed in the same spot

on the layout.


Of course, I realize I can "solve" the problem by placing each button group in a separate layout and bring up different windows based on the

popup choice, but I am trying to achieve this functionality in one layout!  Is this possible?  I really hate the idea of making a separate window

for each button group.


Speaking of which, is it at all possible to turn off the bar at the bottom of each window (the one with the zoom in, zoom out controls)??


Thanks in advance for any good ideas in these regards...




Matt Bloomfield