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    How to Disable "Save Changes' warning.



      How to Disable "Save Changes' warning.


      I have layout, that when opened, reads data from an external data source.  This data is not saved with the record and is only to provide some additional information when records are being created or modified.  The problem is that if the user does nothing to the record they still get prompted to save the changes first.  Is there any way to programmatically disable the warning while the layout is being opened then re-enable after?

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          Changes to the data or changest to the view? Both actions can trigger a dialog asking if the user wants to save their changes.

          The save changes warning for changes to data should only appear if some field was changed by either the user or a script and only appears if the "save record changes automatically" option is not specified in layout set up.

          If this is a table view and the user is changing the view for a hosted database, they will be asked if the change should be saved and I do not know of a way to prevent this short of using list view in place of table view.