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How to disable a field?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Sep 7, 2012
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How to disable a field?


I'm on a layout that has a Yes/No radio button set.

If the user clicks "No" for the question, I want to disable the answer field.

While this seems like it would be an obvious script step (Disable Field[specify]), I don't see how to do this. I've seen articles written using a portal trick, but this is all in one table.

Also, someone wrote back in 2009 about this about using Conditional Formatting to change the color of the field, but as I understand it, the user could still type into this field.

The only other idea that was presented that I've found was to create a separate layout, one with the answer field (in this case) and one without the answer field. Then switch between the two layouts depending on what was selected in the radio button. This seems pretty cludgy since there should be a simple way to show a disabled (really disabled) field set by a script.

What the heck am I missing? Why no simple script step to help control what users can access on a layout and what they can't.


- m