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how to display chart and table of data on same report

Question asked by michaelneale on Jul 30, 2012
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how to display chart and table of data on same report


Hi All

I'm new to filemaker and databases and I'm trying to set up a database for a large amount of varied data including stock inventory and environmental monitoring data. I have got the basic tables sorted out and some relationships Part of what I have been asked to do is be able to extract a set of data from between two dates and display the raw data on a page along with a graph of that data. The table contains the date monitoring was done and then a reading at 12 different sample points (C1 - C12). I have managed to follow the instructions here ( to extract a subset of data between two dates but don't know how to present this subset of data on a report with a graph of the data (Y axis number of counts, X axis the 12 sampling points and then a line for each date).

Any suggestions on how to do this?