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HOw to display client name in portal summary listing.

Question asked by HugoLidia on Jan 21, 2010
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HOw to display client name in portal summary listing.


Using Windows XP SP3 & FMP 10


One layout we have is for entering Claims.  The main part of the layout is used for data entry and to the right we have a list of all the claims sorted by Status as either Open or Closed.  It is to this that i want to add the client's name, which is two hops away in the Client's table.



Clients - with ClientNumb and PolId in

Policies - with  ClientNumb and claimsid

Claims - with Polid in.


Clients and policies are linled by Client NUmb and Policies and Claims are linked via Polid.  Because the relationships work both ways, the Claims are clinked to the Clients table via the Policies table - all of this the gurus on the forum hopefully will agree is pretty standard relational database stuff (and hope I have it correct)


My problem is that on the Claims layout I cannot get the clients name to be displayed, either on the lefthand side of the layout where just the one record is shown in detail to facilitate data entry or on the left side that uses a TO of the claims to give us a summary of claim no, pol id, open date, closed date.  When I add the CustName field from teh Cleint's table it is just blank, when in reality there is always a value there.



If my description is clear enough from the above - how do I get the client's name displayed on righthand side of the Claims layout which currently has a portal using a TO of the Claims table.