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How to display fields from related table?

Question asked by brett_ on Jun 23, 2013
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How to display fields from related table?


     I have 'Purchase Transaction' and Customer tables.  I've created this relation:

     Customer                  Purchase Transaction
     CustomerID  <<>>   CustomerIDFK
     First Name                Product Name    
     Last Name                Price

     I have a layout for Purchase Transaction.  I've added a portol field for Customer::CustomerID.  In the relation, I allow records to be created on the 'Purchase Transaction' side.  The CustomerID field in this layout is a drop-down list.  It is associated to Customer::CustomerID and has a value list with a source to the same Customer::CustomerID field.

     When I create a new record in the 'Purchase Transaction' table/layout and click the CustomerID field, the drop-down list does not appear.  Nothing happens.

     I'd like to select from existing customers (customer IDs) that will then insert into the 'Purchase Transaction' table.

     Any ideas what I did wrong?