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    how to display info from a web site??


      how to display info from a web site??


      I guess this needs a script but that is totally beyond my skills. Perhaps someone can help?


      In case you do not know, there are open databases on the net that allow you to enter a domain name and it returns the regsitration information for that name.For example: http://whois.domaintools.com/


      I have a field that displays a domain name, not a URL (www.domainname.com) just the domain name (domain.com). I want to click on that field, or its label, and return WhoIs in another field.  I do not want to automatically look up the WhoIs because looking up every name for each account woiuld take forever. Only want to do the lookup as wanted for a specific name.


      So I assume that the script would go to that web page, copy and paste the domain name from the FMP account, launch the search and return the results. The results would then be copy/pasted into a waiting field on my FMP solution - or more elegantly, display a window containing the results.


      Possible?  Help, please?

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          This is can be easy depending on the whois site you are querying.  For this example I will use the Verisign Whois sever as its URL is easy to decode.  If you do a whois search for a domain and look at the URL in your browser it will look like this:





           I used my domain for this example, and you can see where it goes.  (spaguycovers.com)  On your layout you need to place a web viewer.  Leave all the settings in the web viewer blank.  In the layout mode give the web viewer a name.  View -> Object Info. 
          The next thing is the script.  Create a new script.  It needs one step.

          Set Web Viewer

          The options for the script step are:


          Object Name = What ever you named the web viewer

          Action = Go to URL...


           Next you need to specify the URL via calculation.  For Verisign this calculation would be:


          "http://registrar.verisign-grs.com/cgi-bin/whois?whois_nic=" & Your Field Containing the domains & "&x=37&y=8&type=domain"

           Create a button on your layout and assign it to this script.  Using this technique you should be able to adapt it to almost any whois server.  Verisign is nice because it is fast, and has a short easy URL to work with.  However the data returned is kind of limited.






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            Thank you I am going to work on this when I find time over the next few days, but you make it seem easy - and I like the clarity of the instructions. The response is greatly appreciated.


            I should have stated that this is for FMP10 and I am tweaking the excellent free template from Starting Point.  If that changes your advic, please let me know.


            Again, thanks!