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How to display the value of a global variable on a layout?

Question asked by pbedouk on Jan 29, 2013
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How to display the value of a global variable on a layout?



     I have a customers table and a layout where I browse through the table using button/scripts for first, next, previous and last.

     In the table I defined 2 global fields to hold the FoundCount and RecordNumber so I can display "Customer x of y" on the layout.  These values change as I browse through the records.  It all works fine.

     But I see that the global fields are present in every record, as they should be I guess.  So in the interests of delevoping a cleaner solution, and improving my technical prowess, I thought I'd use global variables instead to hold the values for FoundCount and RecordNumber.

     Now I can't figure out how to display those global variables on my layout.

     One thought I had is to create a 1 record table to hold the values of the 2 global variables in 2 fields, and then display that field on the layout.  But then that has to be a related table visible from the customer table.  Seems overly complex for such a simple thing.  Is there a better way?