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How to distribute amounts

Question asked by Donovan on Jul 13, 2009
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How to distribute amounts


I got a table (say table1) with a percentage field. All rows in that table add up to 100%. There is also an amount field set to 0 initially.


In another table (table2) I create rows and amounts. I want those amounts to be distributed over table1:amount.





table1.perc    table1.amount

10             0

40             0

50             0



500 (new)

 Now after adding amount 500 to table2, it should be distributed to table1:


table1.perc    table1.amount

10             50

40             200

50             250

 Now the reason why I can't use calculated fields: The percentages can change. But the amounts that have been distributed may not change!


table1.perc    table1.amount

20             50

30             200

50             250

 When another row is added to table2, that amount should be added to the existing amounts in table1, using the new percentages in table1:




100 (new)


table1.perc    table1.amount

20             50+20=70

30             200+30=230

50             250+50=300

Is this possible at all with FMP?