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How to do a "Select All" button

Question asked by hoib on Jun 14, 2015
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How to do a "Select All" button


Hi -

I'm on FM Adv 14.0.  And I'm looking for a technique where I can select all records on a list view layout with a single checkbox.  I've seen it used before but I can't recall where or when.

I've got my found set; let's say it contains 15 records of 300.  I've got my "found set" layout with a field that serves as the source for the "selection" checkbox on each row so I can go down the list and select this one or that one depending.  But I know there's a technique out there where I can install a "Select All" checkbox either at the top of the body or in the header part that, once checked selects all records on the layout.  Makes it easier for the user instead of individually clicking each row before moving to the next step (either eMailing or printing the list and so forth)

Can anyone share the basics of this procedure, please?  Is it a script trigger like "OnObjectModify"?  If so, how do you pass that checkbox is On value to the individ selection boxes on each row.  It must be simple but I can't get my head around it...

Thanks all.