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How to do a simple average?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jun 25, 2012
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How to do a simple average?


I have a table called ReportedErrors.

In that table I have a count by date of the number of errors reported.

What I'd like to be able to do is summarize - average by month and year.

What's happening is that after I created a MONTH and DAY calculation, I can get indivdual ReportedErrors to appear broken out (in a report layout) by month and year (format 201206).

But, no matter what I do (adding an additional sub-summary part, etc.), I can't seem to get an average of the values by month and year.

What I'd like to do is this..

Date          ReportedErrors

6-1-12         100

6-10-12       200

6-15-12       300

6-20-12       400

6-30-12       500


Average = 300



I've tried creating average calcuations for the ReportedErrors field, but nothing so far has worked. What prints out for the "average" is just the last value in the series for that month. So, using the example above, I'd see "Average = 500".

Sure I'm missing something simple here...

Thanks in advance.