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    How to do Inventory Control remotely



      How to do Inventory Control remotely


      Hello, Everyone,

      I am looking for advice or soultion to do Inventory Control remotely. I am using FileMaker Pro V11 and the server in a manufactuary company. When the shipper moves around in the warehouse for a customer order picking, I want the shipper can scan the product and enter the quantity.  I am looking for some handheld device and software that can be integrated with my FileMaker Database. so that it is real time and remotely connected with the database, and also has the capacity to scan the barcode.

      If you know or you have done this, please point me out to the solution.

      Thank you,

      Jason Gan



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          Hi All,

          I got an idea that : I will use iPAD with FM GO to connect to my FILEMAKER Server via WI-FI, and I will got a bluetooth scanner to ingerate with

          the iPAD, so that when the shipper moves around in the warehouse, he can scan the barcode and enter the Qty, so that the inventory control can

          be remote and in real time.

          If you come up with different idea, please post.



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            There are several threads you can research in the FM Go forum that discuss using a blue tooth scanner with FM Go.

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              The problem with using FileMaker Go, is that it does not multi task, so if you switch to another area, you will loose connectivity with your database.

              The only resolution we have found that works every time, is to use either a tablet type PC, such as a Panasonic Toughbook, with the full version of FileMaker on it, so you can run your FileMaker app from a good wireless host, with a custom interface for your tablet. You can then use the full feature set of FileMaker, including any plugins and also multi-task. You will also have a USB port on the deveice which allows easy connectivity to a hand-held scanner.

              There are also laptop / netbook devices, where the lid folds over completely so it performs like a tablet, giving you the full capability you need for warehouse management.

              We have built the warehouse interface to go with our solution ( www.businessmancrm.com ) and although we've tried FM Go with the iPad and iPhone even, they have not proved to be flexible enough in their current guise.

              The other alternative, which we are building for another customer is a custom web interface, which is device independant, so can be used on any device such as an android tablet, which are cheaper and also have a USB connection for external deveices. These also have the advantage of having a stylus to write on the screen if needed.

              Garry Thompson