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    How to do Keywords/Autocomplete for data entry



      How to do Keywords/Autocomplete for data entry


      Hi, I'm a long time Filemaker user, having come in in the 2.x days -- egads. I think I still have my Filemaker 3 for Dummies book somewhere. Anyway, we're making some changes to our website and will need to have a way to add keywords to our data. For example, a DVD product will need keywords assigned to it, for example "sanrio" "hello kitty" and "plush toy" (depending on what kind of product that item is). We'd like it to auto complete as we type. 
      I want to set up a unified way of assign keywords across multiple copies of Filemaker so that we can easily and accurately keep track of these keywords, without errors creeping in and what not because each user is using his own spelling of certain words and so on. All of the keywords I look at the keyword feature of cool new programs like iPhoto and think, how nice and Mac-like, but since Filemaker is a program that has its origins back in 1990, I'm wondering if there's a sufficiently up-to-date system that will work well. Can anyone give me pointers on where I can look for an iPhoto-style cool 'iKeywords" plugin (or whatever) for Filemaker? Thanks for any help you can give us.
      (We're running Filemaker 9 and 8.5 on Macs running Leopard and Snow Leopard. Server is running FMS 9.)

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          A couple of tricks you can use that don't require a plug in:


          A relationship based on a text field loaded with a list of return separated values will match records in the 2nd table where any one value in the list matches the other field. Thus you can build a list of keywords that flexibly match records in the second table.


          You can turn a simple text field filled with many words into such a keyword list with a calculation: Substitute(textfield; " "; "¶")