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    how to draw this Matrix graph please?



      how to draw this Matrix graph please?




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          One way is to add 9 portals to a layout arranged in 3 rows of 3 portals each.  Filter each portal accordingling (e.g. A/Low; A/Medium; A/High; B/Low,…etc.).  

          If the layout is based on the table containing the names, then base the portals on a duplicate table occurrance in the Relationship Graph related to its original using the cartesian operator (x).

          If you have an older version of FMP that does not support portal filters, then setup 9 duplicate Table Occurances in the Relationship Graph that are related to the original using these relationships.

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            Thanks for your reply. Please correct me if I got your idea wrong.

            You are suggesting to build nine portal table and join them together to form the 9x9 matrix?

            If so then here is my concern. I understand that we can specify the number of rows to display. But I do not know before hand how many rows in total within a section will have. As the data changes, there might be none, 2, or 50. If that is the case then i will not be able to fit all data and I have to browse to next page for more data.

            Is there a way to use Chart Tool to do this instead of Portal Tool?

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              No, build a 3x3 matrix using 9 portals not a 9x9 matrix.  

              Yes, you might have to scroll each portal (or the window) to view all rows if there are 50 rows or more per portal.  That depends on how you size the window, the font size and row heights within the portals. However, you would not have to browse to the next page.  Alternatively, you can add a button to each portal that would open a second window showing all rows in the selected portal.

              I don't know if you can chart this but wouldn't that too require scrolling to view all?

              Alex, your concern is very valid but it has more to do with the available screen size and how best to present a lot of data points in that limited space.  There are other methods (e.g. 3 Tabs (Low, Medium, High) with 3 tabs each (A, B, C)) that can be used to present this amount of data without visually overwhelming the viewer.