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How to dynamically Link 2 or more Databases to reuse a table

Question asked by tonyrobo on Apr 7, 2011
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How to dynamically Link 2 or more Databases to reuse a table


Hi everyone,

I have been spending a lot of time, trying to figure out filemaker starting with the starter solutions.  They seems good, but I've run into a few problems.  The main thing is how to link two databases together.  More specifically, how do I link the "Contact Management starter solution Database" with the Customer Table in the "Invoice Starter Solution".  If I had already typed in 100 contacts in my contact management, how can I have them linked to the customer table in the starter solution so that they update with each other dynamically.  I know it's possible to IMPORT the Contacts into the Customer table, but the problem is if I were to add new customers or contacts a few days later, they would not be dynamically updated, and I would manually have to import every once in awhile.  And if I wanted to share the same Contacts table with the other starter solutions ie: task managing, event managing, (they all have a Contacts section), then that means I have to import and reimport each time to update?  I was hoping there's a better way and hopefully EASY way to link the contact tables altogether.  I've looked around at the forums, and can't seem to find the same situation yet.  I've also looked into FM books, and learning materials, but I still haven't gotten the hold of which exact relationships to create in the relationship under Manage Database Relationships.  Can anyone shed some light?  Keep in mind, I'm not a programmer so please go easy.  An example showing the link would be great.  Thanks!