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    How to easily center fields on layout?



      How to easily center fields on layout?


      All of my layouts are designed as WYSIWYG for printing.  They are all the same size for Kiosk application.


      I would like to find an easy way to center fields on the layout without running through an erasor for each field while adding and subtracting pixel counts.  For example, I have a standardized header on each layout with the only thing changing being the title, but the titles vay widely in size on the 37 layouts.  I would like the title to be exactly centered, even though some more be two lines and some just on word.  There's also some other layouts that have centered fields.


      I searched the forum and FMP Help and could find nothing about this.  Am I the only one concerned about this?


      Any ideas?



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          Here's what I do for printed and data-entry layouts where I need to center text and/or fields...


          For layouts that will be printed, open layout setup... and specify left and right margins of at least 0.25 inches so printer differences won't cause the output to shift left/right on different printers.


          1. In layout mode, place the text or field and specify center alignment.
          2. Drag the field as far to the left as it can go.
          3. Click on the right selection handles and stretch the text/field all the way to the vertical dotted line that marks the page width (for printed layouts) or the right hand edge of my screen (for layouts that won't be printed.
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            Yep, that works.  I never thought of making the field the width of the screen.


            Thanks (again)

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              Don't know why I didn't meantion this in the last post, but once you have centered one such object, you can use the alignment tools to center any additional layout text or fields on this first object without having to make them the width of the screen also.

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                Yes, I figured that out already and used it to center some things.  I also created some blank fields that are exactly half width (left and right of center) and use them to center buttons at the bottom so that common buttons are always in the same place.


                Thanks again.