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How to easily center fields on layout?

Question asked by LeoB on Apr 7, 2010
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How to easily center fields on layout?


All of my layouts are designed as WYSIWYG for printing.  They are all the same size for Kiosk application.


I would like to find an easy way to center fields on the layout without running through an erasor for each field while adding and subtracting pixel counts.  For example, I have a standardized header on each layout with the only thing changing being the title, but the titles vay widely in size on the 37 layouts.  I would like the title to be exactly centered, even though some more be two lines and some just on word.  There's also some other layouts that have centered fields.


I searched the forum and FMP Help and could find nothing about this.  Am I the only one concerned about this?


Any ideas?