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    How to Exit Find Mode



      How to Exit Find Mode


      I have an Enter Find Mode when entering into a layout.  When exiting the layout how do I script it to where it will exit the find mode?

      Thank you

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          You never exit a mode in FileMaker, you enter another one. Changing to a different mode when you exit the layout doesn't make much sense to me.

          The typical use of find mode would work like this--whether you are doing all or some of the steps manually or in scripts:

          Enter find mode
          Specify search criteria in one or more fields
          Perform the Find (there's a script step for this or click Perform Find in the tool bar).

          performing the find puts the window back into Browse mode--though in some cases, it makes sense to enter preview mode at this point instead if you have a lot of objects set to slide.

          or use Enter Browse mode if you want to cancel the search.

          If you perform the find when you exit the layout, you won't see the results of your find on that layout--though that might not be an issue if you are changing to another layout based on the same table occurrence as it would share the same found set as the first layout.

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            Thank you!  Makes perfect sense.

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              I am new to filemaker, I tried using Enter Browse mode and then go to layout X but when layout X is loaded it is still in find mode and I have to press cancel find.


              thank you

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                ykoutroulis  Can you explain a little more what you are doing, because your question is a little ambiguous.

                If you're in Find Mode, you should be doing a find.  Performing a find sends you back to Browse Mode (or pops up an error message).

                If you're in Browse Mode, going to another layout, you should still be in Browse Mode

                Are you in Find Mode because of a script or a script trigger?  Or do you enter find mode, and switch to another layout, in which case you will stay in find mode.

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                  Hi SteveMartino,


                  thanks for your reply,  regarding my comment I was mixing some scripts and commands so I figured out that I stay on the same mode when going from layout to layout.


                  I am trying to create a simple search form without using the find functionality of filemaker.

                  I have created a form and I am trying to get the user's input (text fields) and pass it to another layout and do a search with a script but I cannot take the text from the textfields (I am using a set variable command) but the variable is null and I cannot take the text entered.


                  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                    Post your script and someone will help.

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                      please create a new thread, don't necropost.