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How to export field contents to Desktop of current user

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Jan 19, 2009
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How to export field contents to Desktop of current user


Using FMP10 on Macs and PCs.  Databases hosted on FMSA9.  Users are networked, some via VPN.


I'm looking to use the send mail via SMTP script step.  About half of our emails require a single photo to go with the email.  Since this script step will not stop for input and will not attach a photo from a field, I was planning on the following to get the photo accessible:


-Create a Global photo field.

-Script step asks user to select image to insert into Global photo field.

-Script step Export image from Global photo field with a common name, photo.jpg, to the desktop of the current user.

-Set up send mail via SMTP to look for photo.jpg on the desktop of the current user and send mail with attachment.


I am having trouble getting the photo exported and selected without specifying a specific path.  The path varies of course dependent upon OS and user setup.  The Mac default current user path is typically ~/Desktop but that appears not to be permitted as the script always returns that it cannot write to the disk.  I'm not coming up with a solution to the problem without having photos dumped into the FileMaker Pro application folder...  since that is the default if you set the path as file:/photo.jpg.  It appears that I can do it that way but would prefer not to clutter up the Application folder.


Thanks for your consideration.