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    How to export to ascii file - From two portals



      How to export to ascii file - From two portals


      I have a stupid problem, I have a database with 3 different table in it. One main (family), one with parents (Mother father) and one with kids.


      I  can get everything nicely on paper 



       one family with mother and father and there kids then the next fam and etc....

      When i want to export this to a text file i get all the data in a different format then my screen.


      the fam ok the mother and father are split and there children are in between.

      I know it sounds a bit difficult but i can supply anybody that needs extra info i can supply url's with the data.





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          Thank you for your post.


          I understand how the three tables are interlinked, but how do you want the data exported?  That is, do you want the father, mother and kids in one record?  Or, do you want father, mother one kid in one record, and any other kids in subsequent records?You may need to create a script to export the data in the desired format.



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            tsGAL,  The database is used for a dog breading organisation. There are some important things that need to be done.


            The base is a family (the main database) I included a pic of the database setup (Ouders is Parents Pups = Kids)


            The export should go to a plain ascii text in the following way:

            The nest number,

            With info about the nest like dat of birth and how many kids (male female) from Main

            each nest has one mother and one father (Both from the parents database)

            Each mother and father are a nest, (this numner is the glue between all the mothers father and kids) this nest has a descrtiption on the quality of the nest. (main)


            Unther this data all the kids present should be listed.

            I get everything workng in the preview print mode, but i cant get it to go to an ascii file.

            Also i cant make the print version to use only the amount of spaces based on the number of kids. As you can understand

             not all families are the same size. sometimes 12 kids sometimes 2.


            Last but not least, in the final report i need to omit the kids that where not tested or reported.So there is a chance that i need to do a find on a field (absent yes/no) then omit these kids and parrents.


            As you can see as a newbie i got myself in a nice twist :)


             Hope this helps a bit



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              When you export to an ASCII file, a dialog box comes up to specify the field order.  At the bottom, there is a check box to:


              Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data.


              Be sure you use the same grouping that you used in your report.


              When you export, what isn't working properly?  Are you getting the father and mother?  Are you getting one or more kids?  Are you getting all the kids?  I need more information on how the report is set up.



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