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    How to extract a number in a sub-summary field



      How to extract a number in a sub-summary field



      Here is my problem. I have a list of people who donnate different amounts to a charitable organisantion, at different time in the year. At the end of the year I have to send one receipt per person for the total amount he has donated. I made a Layout repport and it shows the total a person has given in a sub summary field. How can I extract that amount, and copy it to a different Layout or Table to print a receipt per donnor?

      Fields: (Name)  (Amount donated)  (total amount for year)

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          Well, in filemaker, you don't copy data to layouts, you copy data to tables and then only if you need to. I don't see a reason to do that here.

          If you limit your found set to just one donor's records--all you'd need for a receipt, the summary field would then report the total donations just for that one donor.

          The other option is to add sub summary part with the "page break after every occurrence" option specified so that you can print out all the receipts for all the donors in one batch, but have each donor's receipt start on a new page.

          There is a way to access the subtotal inside a sub summary part with the getsummary function, but I don't see the need for that here.