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How to Fake Conditional Formatting in IWP

Question asked by mmccarty on May 21, 2012
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How to Fake Conditional Formatting in IWP



I'm sure many people on this forum have figured out how to fake conditional formatting in IWP.  There are a lot of methods depending on what you are trying to do.  I just figured out how to make a button appear/disappear in a list in IWP.  My layout shows many records at once and I wanted a button to be available only when one of the products listed met certain criteria.  Like I said many of you already figured this out but in case someone hasn't, I thought I would share

Create a button and make it look exactly how you want it.  Take a screen shot, crop the shot to just the button and save the image.  Save this image in a container field.  Make sure that field is connected to where you want the button to appear.  For mine, I created a new table with only the record holding the image.  I connected this table via "x" relationship to my products table.  Thus every product is connected to the container field.

In the table where you want the button to appear, create a calculation field.  Use an If statement or Case statement to set the parameters for when the button should appear.  The result of this calculation should be the container field or empty.  Now place that new field on your layout.  The button will appear when the record meets your criteria and disappear when it doesn't.

Now make the calculation field a button and have it perform the script you desire.  Just to be safe.  I put an IF/Else statement in the script.  If the field is empty then it halts the script.  If not then it proceeds.  This prevents the script from running if the user accidently clicks on the invisible field thinking it is blank space.

Hopefully that all made since. Cool