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How to filter out fields with identical value in a portal?

Question asked by JanPeterAxelsson on Nov 1, 2010
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How to filter out fields with identical value in a portal?



I have a small basic problem of Í hope general interest.

I would like to know how to filter-out repetitive field values when a group of records are shown in a portal. The purpose is to show the variation of values in a field (or several fields).

Consider the following toy example. My database consists of two tables A and B and one record in A can be related to several in B. The record B consists of say 3 fields. Consider a post A1 in A that is related to B1, B2 and B3 in B. The first two fields in B are identical in B1-B3 but differ in the third field. Now we have a layout showing the fields of A and a portal showing only the two first fields of B.

When we look at the layout (and have done find A1) then we see the content of the fields of A for A1 and we see the two fields of B repeated for B1-B3. Now I want this layout to only show not-repeated fields. Thus fields that are repeated should only be shown once. How can I do this?


Jan Peter