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How to filter parts for different layouts

Question asked by user14040 on Jan 13, 2014
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How to filter parts for different layouts


     I am trying to only show parts that is related to different layouts.

     I have a field report that has a portal that contains all parts in my parts table, using a drop down menu I choose which part I want to use.

     What I need to do now is separate certain parts for each layout but I dont know where to start.

     I though if I filter the parts in the portal it will filter out all parts that are not set as "Field Report" but when I use the drop down menu I still see parts that I only want to see in another layout.

     I am using a foreign key in my dropdown menu to choose parts. Also I added a field in the parts section called layout_identifier and I entered the layout name I want it to be associated with in the field, but the portal filter did not work within the dropdown menu.