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    How to find a field



      How to find a field



           I am replacing an existing field with a new one.  I have a multi layout table and instead of going through every single layout (I didn't create this database, I've just inhereted it), is there a way to perfom a find for a field itself wherever it occurs in layouts to easily replace it? 

           Probably not but thought I'd ask. 


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               If you select a field Under Manage Database then click change it will change the field all thru the app.

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                 If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can generate a Database Design Report and a text search of it in your Web Browser can take you from location to location where the field is referenced--not only on your layout but in any scripts or calculations that use that field.

                 There are also 3rd party utilities that take the data from a Database Design Report and make it easier to find every reference to a given field.