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How to find and sort records using two tables

Question asked by fabiuz on Apr 8, 2013
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How to find and sort records using two tables



     I have a little problem with two tables:

     1. costumers

     2. visits

     the tables are related by using the costumer id field, each costumer may have 1 or more visit .

     Visits contains the days of the month when I can and when I usually visit a costumer.

     It is not a date, but a day or more then one day in the week, in a month cicle.

     So for example a costumer could be visited on the turns n.1,2,3 and 7,8,9 each month.

     For each turn, there is a costumer sequence to follow for the visit. So, in the Visits table I have a field called sequence where I have set a number like 10, 20... 120 ecc. for each turn.

     So each costumer for each possible turn have a sequence for such turn.

     So for example, the costumer "Adam" could be visited on the turn n.3 in the sequence n.40, on the turn n.8 in the sequence n.120 .

     What I need now is to get all costumers that can be visited on a specific day turn, for example the turn n.3. Then I want to show these costumers orderd by their sequence in such turn.

     I am able to find costumers of the turn 3, but I still don't understand how I can order them taking care of their sequence number for that day.

     Sort function will always see the first available turn in visits table.

     Is anybody able to give me a litlle suggestion?


     Thanks a lot!